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Rowell & Company has been generating revenue for numerous clients across various sectors such as distribution, finance, SOC, data analysis, IoT, healthcare, and more, through cutting-edge technology and innovative web platform development.

Through reasonable estimation and special management services, we aim to turn your valuable web platform planning ideas into reality more perfectly.

Web/App Service

The web service is a collection of technologies developed as open standards by the World Wide Web Consortium and other standardization bodies such as The Web Hypertext Application, Technology Working Group, the Unicode Consortium, the Internet Engineering, Task Force, and Ecma International.

web platform

Integration with Latest ICT Technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, IoT

Based on diverse business experiences in areas including finance, SOC, and healthcare, we internalize industry-specific insights, not limited to system development.


With expertise in SI and solution development aimed at improving productivity and quality of development, we strive to provide outstanding performance, stability, and convenience from small to large-scale next-generation projects, recognized in various industries such as finance, manufacturing, and services domestically and internationally.



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